United Energy Systems, Inc. (UES) is a subcontractor that specializes in the removal, transportation and disposal of both non-hazardous and hazardous classified materials. UES services contractors and site owners by offering a full-service, client-centered approach that is unique and refreshing in the waste management industry.

Clients include most major construction firms in the New Jersey and New York metro area, from large consulting firms to a variety of specialty engineering firms. Additionally, the company has extensive experience working directly with many regulatory agencies.

UES’s work is accomplished quickly and professionally, with a strong commitment to the project and budget. UES can recommend cost effective solutions to the scope of work or disposal plans based on extensive knowledge. Client’s can be assured they will benefit from both exceptional customer service and UES’s ability to understand how to integrate services to be performed while working with other subcontractors on your project.

The Company’s state-of-the-art computerization, affords clients the ability to store copies of disposal records digitally as well as still maintaining hard copies of documents such as disposal records, waste manifests and weight tickets. As many clients are currently requesting electronic submission of final disposal documents and supporting records, UES maintains all electronic files on a centralized in-house server with triple back-up and equipped with a FM-200M Fenwall clean agent fire suppression system.

United Energy is licensed to practice business in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York City, New York State and Pennsylvania. We maintain WBE/DBE/SBE certification in many of these locations, as well as NJDEP A-901 and NYC BIC Broker Licensing.

3092 Shafto Road, Unit 12
Tinton Falls, New Jersey
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45 Park Place South # 140
Morristown, New Jersey

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